Keep tree limbs, shrubbery off sidewalks, roads

Property owners and occupants of properties in Cordova are being reminded by the city’s public works department to keep sidewalks and roadways clear of all tree limbs and shrubbery, or face paying the city’s costs to do it for them.

Owners or occupants of premises abutting a street or sidewalk are asked to keep trees or shrubs trimmed to not obstruct the convenient passage and travel along the street, sidewalk and alley ways.

The lowest branches and foliage must not be lower than 10 feet above the roadway or lower than eight feet above the sidewalk.

Failure to adhere to Municipal Code Chapter 13.16.010 may result in the Public Works Department trimming these obstructions. The costs and expenses encountered by the city will be incurred by the owner on the next tax levied upon the property.

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