Donations welcome to support North Star Theatre

Versa-Style’s Hip-Hop dancers who performed in the North Star Theater Jan. 18, 2017, are Alli Gray, Jackie Oka, Ernesto Galarza, Cynthia Hernandez, Brandon Juezan, Anthony Berry, and Leigh Foaad aka Breeze-lee. Photo by Wendy Ranney/The Cordova Times

Having a movie theatre in Cordova once again is truly a wonderful addition to the community. Movies in the Cordova Center’s North Star Theatre have been a big success at fundraising for non-profits in our community. How does this all work? Here’s the behind-the-scenes information.

To show a film in the North Star Theatre, there is quite a process involved. Movies aren’t free. To honor copyright laws, the sponsor needs to purchase the licensing fee for the film they wish to show. The newer the release, the bigger the price tag. Film licensing can range from $100 to $350 a film. The donation hat at the outer table is to not only cover the licensing costs, but also hopefully to net a small profit for the organization.

For example, Cordova Arts and Pageants shows many of the films in the theatre and uses their profits to help fund art performances in the community. Salmon Jam is Cordova Arts & Pageants major fundraising event of the year, but the movies also help support many musical performances in the theatre including ‘The Wardens’ and ‘Socks in the Frying Pan.’

With deep cuts to the library budget, the Friends of the Library has been sponsoring movies to offset costs of programming, book purchases and new children’s furniture for the library.

Be generous when you attend a movie and throw a donation into the hat!

Now let’s talk about food and drinks in the theatre.


The Cordova Center staff decided early on that food and drink would not be allowed in the North Star Theatre as it is available for so many other uses – for example weddings, symposiums and meetings. Please, please, please observe this rule when you attend an event in the theatre. The Cordova Center staff has already had to replace carpet squares and clean theatre seats because of spilled sodas, milkshake, coffee and Cheetos. It’s a cost you don’t see after you walk out of the movie.

The North Star Theatre is a beautiful addition to our community. Appreciate it. Love it. And take care of it.