Popular fishery remains open through September 15

An advisory note from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game reminds participants in the popular Prince William Sound shrimp fishery that the fishery runs from April 15 through Sept. 15.

Per a 2018 emergency order, this year participants are allowed four pots per person, with a maximum of four pots per vessel.

A permit is required for each household. They are available online only at www.adfg.alaska.gov/store

There are no bag, possession or size limits for this fishery.

An earlier advisory from ADF&G asked people to always be alert to dangers of possible paralytic shellfish poisoning or PSP. The Cordova Times has since been advised that there have never been any documented cases of PSP in Prince William Sound, so PSP is not a concern in the Prince William Sound fishery.

The fishery is managed in-season by emergency order, meaning the fishery may not open or may close at any time, or bag limits may be reduced at any time.


Always check with the local ADF&G office before going shrimping.

ADF&G also advises shrimpers that pots are easy to lose, so always take GPS readings of sets, pay attention to currents and use buoys that are large and brightly colored.

Pots tend to fish best when fished on underwater structure like pinnacles, rock slides and drop-offs. Always use stout line about 15 percent longer than the water depth to allow for currents and tides. Use weight in the pots to help them stay anchored.