Absentee ballots will decide the election

Preliminary results are in on three ballot measures put to a vote in Cordova’s special election on May 15, with only proposition one appearing a sure winner, even with absentee ballots included.

According to city clerk Susan Bourgeois, there are still as many as 150 absentee ballots to count next week.

Results of the preliminary vote on proposition one, to decrease the sales tax cap on a single purchase from $7,500 to $3,000, showed the measure passing by 165 votes, 342-177.

Proposition two, to repeal the motor fuel excise tax, likewise was approved in the preliminary results, 319-197, a margin of 122 votes.

Preliminary results showed voters in favor of allowing marijuana operations within Cordova by a smaller margin of 104 votes.

Proposition three, to prohibit the establishment or marijuana operations, was failing in the preliminary results, 209-313.