Letter to the Editor: Thanks for warm welcome

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to the community of Cordova for the warm welcome we received during our visit for The Iceworm Festival. We enjoyed meeting many new people and renewing past friendships. The festival offered us much to do every day and we took full advantage, even by participating. From learning about ice worms living in glacial ice, to attending many of the sponsored events, we appreciated all the work from such a diverse community to bring this annual winter event together!

The beautiful new Cordova Center is a fantastic facility! We visited every part of it, even visiting with your city manager, who, coincidentally, was our city manager several years ago. Small world! We also found out that we have “small-world” connections with Emily Mesner, your photographer/reporter at The Cordova Times.

The sunny, clear weather certainly added to making our hiking trips to Sheridan Glacier and the “Big” tree enjoyable. As you know, the scenery is always spectacular around Cordova.

Thank you again, for your hospitality.

  • Pete and Mary Schaefer

Brookings, SD