November jobs down by 2,800 workers

Total employment in Alaska dropped an estimated 0.9 percent in November over November 2016, a loss of about 2,800 jobs, state labor officials said.

Statistics compiled by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development showed that oil and gas jobs were down by 7.8 percent and construction by 4.8 percent, while health care gained in employment. Transportation, warehousing and utilities remained at the same level as last year, as did local government. Federal jobs held were down 0.7 percent and state government jobs by 2.4 percent.

Alaska’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stayed at 7.2 percent, where it has been since August, compared to the national rate of 4.1 percent.

Unemployment rates were up in 24 of 29 boroughs and census areas, with the largest increases again in Skagway and the Denali Borough.

Unemployment rates fell in the North Slope Borough, Northwest Arctic Borough, Sitka and the Aleutians West census area and the rate in the Kodiak Island Borough was flat.