Herring forecast will allow for 24,042-ton harvest

State biologists have issued a forecast of 136,756 tons of biomass in the Togiak herring fishery, clearing the way for a total allowable harvest of 27,351 tons, based on the 20 percent exploitation rate, with 1,500 tons for the Togiak spawn-on-kelp fishery.

The Dutch Harbor food/bait allocation was set at 1,810 tons, based on 7 percent of the remaining allowable harvest, with 24,042 tons for the Togiak District sac roe fishery.

The purse seine allocation was set at 16,829 tons, or 70 percent; and the gill net allocation at 7,212 tons, or 30 percent.

Last year’s forecast of a biomass of 130,852 tons allowed for a Togiak District sac roe fishery of 22,943 tons, with 16,060 tons for the purse seine harvesters and 6,883 tons for the gillnet fleet.