Apply by December 15 for federal health care insurance

Current federal regulations require that all people legally in residence in the United States who are not otherwise covered by other health insurance to get enrolled or renew their coverage under the Affordable Care Act by Dec. 15.

Those covered by Medicaid/Denali Kid Care, Medicare, Tricare, the Veterans Administration, Alaska Native health care or private insurance do not have to apply.

Those who are required to sign up and fail to do so face potential from fines from hundreds to up to several thousand dollars.

Get information and/or enroll via telephone, by calling operators with the make appointment at the Ilanka Clinic, whose phone number is 907-424-3622. If the applicant has specific medical issues, bring related information in order to get the plan that covers those needs the best way.

Whether you are calling in, accessing Healthcare Marketplace over the Internet or stopping by the Ilanka Clinic you will need to provide some basic information.

This includes the full name, date of birth, address, phone number and Social Security number of all persons wishing to apply. In the case of individuals wishing to apply who are sharing a household with others who are not applying, Healthcare Marketplace representatives said the applicant must also provide the names, date of birth, Social Security number and gross annual income of spouses, anyone who is a dependent, anyone living in the home under the age of 21, but not anyone who files their own taxes. Be ready to provide information on how others in the household are covered by another form of health insurance.


Information is also available on regarding whether the applicant is eligible for subsidies.

There are a variety of insurance plans available depending on the individual applicant’s age, income and household size.