ADF&G employees in Cordova and Homer recognized

Jane Allen-Schmid, left, received a letter of recognition Oct. 4 from Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Sam Cotten for her 15 years of outstanding service as a salmon otolith reader in the Cordova Otolith Lab. During her tenure in the lab, Allen-Schmid has processed and read 150,000-plus individual otoliths from all five pacific salmon species.

With Allen-Schmid are David Anderson, James Wiese, and Ted Jewell.

Anderson, Wiese, Jewell and David Knight (not pictured), received the 2016 ADF&G Director Scott Kelley’s Achievement Award for Outstanding Service in the Region II Vessels Program at the Cordova office Oct. 4. Anderson is the captain and Wiese is the vessel technician for the research vessel Solstice, homeported in Cordova. Captain Jewell and vessel technician Knight run the research vessel Pandalus, homeported in Homer.

Photo courtesy Cordova Alaska Department of Fish and Game/For The Cordova Times