Major improvements coming to CT&GC facilities

$38,000 Friends of the NRA grant will also enhance educational opportunities - By Jason Fode For The Cordova Times

Cole Hanson takes aim at station 1 during a round of skeet with his father Ardy, brother Elias and friend Noah Collins in late March at the Sheridan Glacier Shooting Range. Elias Hanson later joined the Cordova Trap & Gun Club’s Youth Skeet League which met for weekly shoots April through mid-May. Photo by Vivian Kennedy/The Cordova Times

The Cordova Trap & Gun Club has been approved for a $38,000 grant from the Friends of the NRA for range improvement and education. This funding will allow CT&GC volunteers and local contractors to rebuild the two rifle ranges and one pistol range, improve existing trap and skeet facilities, enhance range berms for added safety and add electrical upgrades.

The club’s volunteer board is planning a Women on Target workshop June 24-25 for women to become familiar with and improve skills in shotgun, pistol and rifle shooting. Our Youth Skeet League just completed their first spring season. Other educational projects are also in the works.

The 100-meter range before and after the Annual Spring Clean-Up on Saturday, April 22. Non-target garbage that was collected included glass, metal shards, plastic food containers, appliances and oil rags.

On April 22 we conducted our annual spring clean-up to get ready for summer activity. We would like to thank the city of Cordova for donating the 20-foot roll back container and the dozen voluteers that assisted that day. Also, a big thank you to John Greenwood for donating his loader and time to expedite the clean-up.

In six months the three ranges accumulated enough garbage to completely fill the 20-foot dumpster.

CT&GC volunteers would like to remind everyone that these ranges are public property, no different than any park in Cordova. Let’s not treat them as garbage dumps. The cleanup is done entirely on a volunteer basis and with the range improvements that are going to happen this summer and fall, we ask that you participate by picking up everything that you bring out, in addition to disposing your brass and hulls in the supplied garbage cans.  We are planning on mounting target holders on the range so it won’t be necessary to bring pallets and boxes. Items not welcome on the range are glass, appliances, propane bottles and other large chunks of metal. These items make cleanup difficult and dangerous for our volunteers. Please educate others that use the range of these guidelines to avoid having to monitor the facility for littering and vandalism.

Trash left at the Sheridan Glacier Shooting Range before the Spring Clean-Up on April 22. Cardboard boxes are often used as targets, but will turn into litter when left out in the field. Photo courtesy Cordova Trap & Gun Club

CT&GC hopes you enjoy the improvements to the range.  If you have any comments, wish to join the club or participate in any upcoming events, visit our Facebook page at, email us at [email protected] or call and leave a message at 424-SHOT (7468). We regularly schedule trap and skeet shoots from 1-3 p.m. Sunday year-round and 5:30-7:30 p.m. from mid-May until it gets too dark to shoot. Keep your powder dry Cordova!


Jason Fode is the president of the Cordova Trap & Gun Club and a long-time Cordova resident.