Letter to the Editor: Thanks for caring and being there

Cordova was my husband Doug Heimbuch’s, second home. Doug passed away, completely unexpectedly, in his sleep on March 25. It was very important to me to have a celebration of life in the town where he fished for the past 28 years.

With the generous support of Sylvia Lange and the staff at the Reluctant Fisherman, many of Doug’s friends and colleagues came together on April 30 to remember the very large life he lived in his 62 years.

It wouldn’t have been complete without Doug’s favorite bluegrass music provided by dear friends Rion Schmidt and Katy Rexford, Mike Mickelson and Jess Jaris. (Thanks for the sound system, Mike!) I would like to recognize the generosity of the Red Dragon for providing safe and welcoming housing for those without places to stay and for the technology support provided by Andy Pfeiffer.

A big shout out to Doug’s favorite fisher poets, Steve “Steve-o” Schoonmaker and  “Brother” Lloyd Montgomery, who wove yarns that would have put a big smile on Doug’s face. And Traci Nuzzi and Jim Paul who wowed the crowd with their sweet John Prine songs … one of Doug’s heroes.

And finally, to all those who made up Doug’s ‘family’ in the fleet, thank you for being there. He loved each of you in his own way and with every story told that night, it was apparent that it went both ways.

Speaking for myself, and my adopted daughter, Naomi Hagelund, be safe out there and get Doug’s share! The big question: Who will be the first to throw the buoy now? <smile>


With eternal gratitude,

Suzie (Wanda Sue) Kendrick
F/V Wanda Sue