Reggiani’s retirement effective on June 2

Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp. has issued a brief statement announcing the retirement of Dave Reggiani, after 16 years as general manager, effective June 2.

“PWSAC appreciates his service and wishes him well in his future endeavors,” said Tim Moore, the corporation’s board chairman.

Reggiani joined PWSAC in 1988 as a fisheries technician, advancing through all the culturist and hatchery management positions to become operations manager before becoming general manager.

Moore declined to comment on whether the retirement decision was related to an incident involving an oil spill under staff housing at the Cannery Creek Hatchery in December of 2013.

PWSAC operates the hatchery as a contractor for the state

In the late autumn of 2016, the state filed criminal misdemeanor charges against Reggiani, acting hatchery manager Christine Mitchell and chief maintenance supervisor Dale Lords in connection with that oil spill. The state contended that the trio provided false information and failed to report a hazardous substance discharge and oil pollution.


PWSAC said in a statement released on March 7 that in response to the report of a leak PWSAC partnered with an environmental firm to assist PWSAC in developing a remediation plan, and that the site was remediated to the state’s satisfaction in 2014. The discharge was limited to the soil underneath the bunkhouse, and did not in any way impact groundwater or other marine waters, PWSAC said.

Moore acknowledged in the statement, which made no mention of Reggiani, that on Feb. 21, the state expanded charges to include PWSAC.

“PWSAC takes its role as the state’s contractor very seriously, and fully recognizes the importance of working in partnership with the state to solve problems and develop solutions,” the statement said. “Similarly, PWSAC views itself as a steward to Alaska’s waters, and it will continue to act in good faith until this matter is resolved.”