City council designates capital improvement projects

Moose Lodge 1266 granted permission to open social quarters early on Jan. 7 for NFL playoffs

The Cordova City Council held a special meeting Dec. 23, to address Resolution 12-16-38, a resolution by council members to designate the city’s capital improvement projects for 2017.

Per the resolution, the city council identified several capital improvement projects  considered critical to the well-being of Cordovans and residents of Prince William Sound, and to the local economy.

The list includes replacement of G-float in the Cordova Small Boat Harbor, general harbor improvements, repairs for the Cordova School District’s schools, upgrades at the Cordova Community Medical Center, improvements and or repairs to the public safety building, improvements to the shipyard fill area, improvements to the North Harbor sidewalks, the extension of Sawmill Avenue, and a ferry trail.

The resolution states that some, or all, of these projects will be submitted to state and or federal legislators and agencies, as a prioritized list of capital improvement projects in Cordova.

The Council also addressed Resolution 12-16-43, which authorizes creation of a new fisheries advisory and development committee, with more authority and responsibility, to take the place of the 2003 Fisheries Advisory Committee, created by city of Cordova Resolution 04-03-45.

The new committee will advise the city council on fisheries related issues which council may seek advice on, and also research and assist in the development of fisheries and mariculture in the Prince William Sound area.


The recreated fisheries advisory council and development committee is to have six members appointed by Mayor Clay Koplin and confirmed by the city council. The committee serve at the pleasure of the council.

The city has yet to announce when the new committee would be seated.

In new business, the city council agreed to grant permission for the Cordova Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge 1266, to open their social quarters on Sundays at 8:30 a.m., during the National Football League playoffs, set to begin Jan. 7.

City Municipal Code 6.12.020 C, states that dictates that an establishment which serves alcohol cannot open on Sundays prior to 10 a.m., but that the city council may grant additional hours by a motion at any time, by request.

“The lodge is normally closed on Sundays and Mondays, and all other days we open at 4:30 p.m.,” said Vicki Blackler, the lodge’s office manager. “We cannot serve alcohol until 10 a.m. There’s really nothing new about this request, we do it every year during the playoffs.”

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Cinthia Gibbens-Stimson
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