Letter to the Editor: Nov. 25

Bring your own bags

Bags, bags and bags.

Remember when we changed from paper to Plastic bags to save trees?

Looks we no longer like trees. Although plastic bags are not good for the environment, here in Cordova they make less than 2 bails a year apparently. The bigger problem with them is that it is not where they end up. You can see them floating and on the side of the road in many places. So now we are back to paper sacks that disintegrate when it rains and you end with your goodies on the sidewalk next to the car. To me these are unnecessary emergency items.

We get so many cloth bags from CTC and CEC and Banks and other places for free and we keep a number of them in the car. One is even insulated for hot/cold. It is no big deal to grab a couple, they fold real small and do the shopping. They are sturdy and have nice handles. As most goods already have packaging, it does not even matter if there is some dirt on and in them and they can be washed. In Europe in many countries you have to pay for bags. As far as I remember it was $1 for plastic and 50p for paper. That changed many people’s habits to get them to bring their own. They even bring their own containers for bulk stuff like grains etc.

Just think how much less plastic we could use and how many trees we could save. If people ignore the cost of bags, we could just up the price for bags and use some of the money for clean-up.

—Wolfgang Hagmuller



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