House District 32 incumbent Stutes wins

Rep. Louise Stutes, R-Kodiak will serve another term for House District 32 in the Alaska Legislature

With votes still to be counted on Nov. 9, Rep. Louise Stutes, R-Kodiak, was the apparent winner in her bid for another term serving House District 32 in the Alaska Legislature.

“I am delighted, I am thrilled and honored,” said Stutes.  “I intend to be my district’s voice and listen to them carefully,” she said. “I know I’m not going to make everybody happy all the time, but I will go with the majority.”

Stutes said she expected it to be a tough race and felt honored that the people of her communities “said okay, because I see how many previous legislators weren’t that trusted.”

Unofficial state election results showed Stutes leading with 43.30 percent or 2,239 votes, followed by independent Duncan Fields, with 41.40 percent, or 2,141 votes, and Democratic contender Brent Watkins with 15.12 percent, or 782 votes.

Stutes and Fields both said they felt that the remaining ballots to be counted from outlying areas would likely make no difference in the overall outcome.

“I believe that Louise has won the election,” Fields said. “I am very grateful that within Kodiak and communities that know me that I won, but in communities that didn’t know me, it was particularly difficult as a non-partisan candidate, not identified with a party,” he said.


“She won the district based on incumbency and party identification. I think that’s the story.”  Down by nearly 100 votes, Fields said it was highly improbable that he could make up that margin with ballots still to be counted.

Fields said he was happy with the support he got as a third party candidate.

Watkins was not immediately available for comment.