Cordova junior high boys extend win streak to six

The Cordova Junior High boys basketball team remains undefeated, rattling off a pair of wins against Valdez here on October 21-22 to stand at 6-0 overall halfway through their season.

Mar Augustin led Cordova with 12 points in their 35-21 win over the Huskies in the first game.   Rustyn Bradford added 9.  Coach Doug Carroll played everyone extensively in a lopsided 27-14 win in the second game.  Evan Gatton topped the Cordova scoring with 7 points.

In “B” action, Cordova split with Valdez, losing the opener 33-28, but bouncing back to win the second day 26-22.  LIzandro Rodriguez, a 4’10’’ 7th grader, led Cordova with 7 points in the first contest. Brian Allison and Charlie Carroll each had 6 points in the rematch.

The Cordova girls showed rapid improvement, bouncing back from a 33-11 loss in the opener to play Valdez tough, losing by only six, 31-25, in the second game.  Cali Sjostedt and Gwethlynn Jacob led with 5 points each in the first game; Sjostedt was again top scorer with 8 points in the second game.  Andrea Vargas added 5 for the young Lady Wolverines.

The Cordova “B” girls picked up their first win of the season, topping Valdez 21-11 in the opener.  Sjostedt had 13 points in that game. The Huskies won 15-12 in an exciting rematch, with Sjostedt again leading the way for Cordova with 8 points.

The Junior High teams make a three-day road this weekend.  They will face Seward on November 3, Grace on November 4, and Lumen on November 5.


The following weekend they will travel to the Valdez Tournament for their final games of the season.