PWS silver harvest reaches 70,000 fish

Silver salmon harvests in Prince William Sound rose to 70,000 fish through Aug. 23, and the humpy harvest reached 12 million fish, boosting the overall harvest to 17.4 million salmon.

State Department of Fish and Game preliminary harvest through Aug. 23 also included deliveries to date to processors in Prince William Sound of 1,935,000 sockeyes and 3,430,000 chums.

ADF&G’s Cordova office said the non-profit Valdez Fisheries Development Association had collected 225 million eggs, or 90 percent of a 250 million egg take goal, though Aug. 21, and said egg takes were anticipated to conclude on Aug. 23.

ADF&G advised permit holders that unscheduled announcements based on current escapement data might occur at any time in-season either establishing an additional period or extending an open period.

The preliminary statewide salmon harvest through Aug. 23 was estimated by ADF&G at 102,244,000 fish, including 52 million sockeyes, 35 million humpies, 12.6 million chums, 2,091,000 silvers and 356,000 Chinook salmon.

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