ANTHC presents food and plant symposium

The fifth annual Alaskan Plants as Food and Medicine Symposium, with a goal of promoting dialogue with indigenous knowledge and facilitation methods, will be held Sept. 11-13 at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage.

The symposium, organized by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, will begin with keynote addresses by Roald Helgesen, chief executive officer, and Gary Ferguson, senior director of community health services, at ANTHC.

Other keynote addresses will be delivered by naturopathic physician Jillian Stansburg on forest pharmacy and meadow medicine; Anore Jones, author of Plants That We Eat, a guide to the edible plant life in Northwest Alaska; Valdeko Kreil, director of business development/geriatric care coordinator at A Peace of Home, Charlotte, N.C, on gardening above the Arctic Circle; Maori elder Rosemarie Lambert Rangi Pere, on “I am the best medicine for my total well-being,” and Janice Schofield-Eaton, author of “Alaska’s Wild Plants, A Guide to Alaska’s Edible Harvest,” on preserving edible and medicinal plants.

The complete agenda is online at, along with information on registration and exhibitor application forms.