Coast Guard rescues crew member injured when vessels collide

A U.S. Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter in the midst of training exercises in the Cordova area diverted on Aug. 16 to rescue a crewmember aboard a fishing vessel involved in a collision with a second fishing vessel.

Petty Officer Jon-Paul Rios said that the collision between the F/V Chugach Pearl and F/V Temptation occurred in the area of Culross Island, about 17 nautical miles east of Whittier.

A rescue swimmer lowered from the Coast Guard helicopter assessed the condition of the injured crewmember, who was struck by an exhaust stack during the collision, and determined the need for a medevac.

The injured crewmember was lifted aboard the helicopter and brought to Cordova, where emergency medical personnel were waiting to assist.

The Coast Guard had no further information regarding the condition of the crewmember, or which agency would be investigating the collision.