Natural ingredients, heart and soul are root of skincare line

Raven Madison turns passion for creating products for family and friends into line of body scrubs, rubs and lotions

When it comes to Raven Madison, the branch didn’t fall far from the eucalyptus tree.
Madison comes from an industrious background with generations of hard-working, creative people in her family. She brings her love of organic ingredients to her business venture, Nauti Scrubs & Rubs.

What started out as Madison’s hobby turned into a line of spa products.

The scrubs and rubs contain organic ingredients and are infused with essential oils.
“I provide products made for a community of fishermen and adventurers,” Madison said, “searching for homeopathic alternatives for everyday aches and pains.”

Nauti Scrubs & Rubs, a skincare line handcrafted by Raven Madison, is made in Cordova. Cinthia Gibbens-Stimson/The Cordova Times
Nauti Scrubs & Rubs, a skincare line handcrafted by Raven Madison, is made in Cordova. Cinthia Gibbens-Stimson/The Cordova Times

The products are handmade. Madison infuses the oils into lotions and body scrubs for what she calls total mind and body wellness.

“Essential oils have been used for thousands of years,” she said. “I’m bringing this ancient tradition to present-day users.”

Nauti Scrubs & Rubs is almost a year old, but Madison said she’s been making skincare concoctions for nearly three years, giving away her herbal creations to family and friends as gifts.


“Living in a small fishing community, there are many people who work long hours, with very few breaks,” she said. “This can cause the body to get tired, stressed, exhausted and/or sick. These products help with that.”

The Nauti Scrubs & Rubs line are uplifting and create a sense of relaxation, she said. They soothe muscle aches and pains, can prevent and relieve the common cold, help to induce sleep and can create a positive vibe for those early mornings, Madison said.

The products are not fancy, nor frilly. Madison wanted a basic, organic lotion that would get the job done. Her lotion line is for all skin types. In addition to moisturizing and softening, the Nauti Scrubs & Rubs’ lotions increase skin lipid levels. This is particularly good for skin that is dry, irritated or prematurely aged, she said.

“It’s perfect for working class people and adventurers,” Madison said. “My lotions don’t leave a greasy residue. They’re good for your body.”CT 8-12 Nauti Scrubs 2_byRavenMadison

Her products contain ingredients such as shea butter, kokum butter, vitamin E oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax and essential oils.

Madison said she’s constantly learning about and expanding her knowledge of medicinal plants and their uses. In the near future, she will start infusing her products with local, Native Alaska plants. She’s also dabbling in soap making and making toothpastes, medicinal salves, lip balms and face masks.


CT 8-12 Nauti Scrubs 3_byRavenMadison
Raven Madison, of Nauti Scrubs & Rubs, created a working hands scrub that helps condition rough hands, as well removing grease, dirt, tar and other types of gunk, including, she says, removing a marine adhesive sealant called 5200. Left photo shows “before and right shows an “after” shot of the volunteer’s hand after using Madison’s special gunk removing scrub. Photos courtesy Raven Madison/For The Cordova Times

“My favorite part is mixing the oils to create a new blend,” she said.

Madison loves all of the local support she finds in Cordova.

“Everyone here is amazingly helpful when it comes to promoting and helping small businesses,” she said.

The Nauti Scrubs & Rubs line is available for purchase at Lures Day Spa and Salon and the Ilanka Cultural Center gift shop. Madison is also a regular vendor at the Cordova Saturday Market.

Follow Nauti Scrubs & Rubs on Instagram @nautiscrubsnrubs or contact Madison via email at [email protected]

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