This Week in Pictures: August 5, 2016

  • CT 8-5 SA Quilters Guild 4_Stimson
  • CT 8-5 SA Quilters Guild 2_Stimson
  • CT 8-5 SA Quilters Guild 3_Stimson
  • A lovely collection of quilts hung last week in the Copper River Gallery at the Cordova Historical Museum, in honor of the 30-year anniversary of the Northwind Quilters’ Guild in Cordova. The quilts were made by guild members. Photo by Cinthia Gibbens-Stimson/The Cordova Times
  • Spirit Camp kids enjoying an evening swim. Photos by Angela Butler/For The Cordova Times
  • Local kids enjoying a sunny day at Nuuciq spirit camp. Brooke Johnson’s nieces and nephew, and Angela Butler’s kids, and nieces and nephews.
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