Ocean Dock repairs near completion

The City of Cordova’s Ocean Dock, where the Alaska Marine Highway System, Shoreside’s Fuel barge, Samson Tug and Barge and the fleet fuels up has undergone some repairs over the past few months.

The Brusco Tug Company, which is contracted to tow Samson’s barges accidentally hit the Ocean Dock causing damage to the Ocean Dock. The cost of the repairs was covered by Brusco Tug’s Insurance. Harris Sand and Gravel of Valdez made the repairs.

The damaged fenders were hoisted off the pin piling and then the pin pilings were pulled out of the mud. Then Harris Sand and Gravel drove new pin piling into the mud, once that was completed they slid the new fender units over the pin pilings and reattached the fenders to the face of the dock.

Harris Sand and Gravel still has a few small repairs to complete such as replacing broken ladder rungs and the bridge between the fenders to the dock.
The Ocean Dock was built in 1969.