Cordova Close-Up: Mr. Rob O’Neal

By Penny Johnson For The Cordova Times

CT-06-24-Cordova-Close-Up-Rob-OnealPlace of Birth: National City, California on 2/4/1976

Why did you move to Cordova?:
Opportunity! I had a couple of offers both in Alaska and lower 48. The chance to work with Alex and Gayle was too tempting to pass up. I also knew CHS has amazing kids! Cordova was the right choice for us in March of 2015, I know that for a fact. Just wish I came sooner!

What do you like most about Cordova?:
The kids and the community! I have never been so supported, loved and appreciated like I was in Cordova. That is and will never be forgotten. I screwed up so much but the kids, community and my boss man, Alex, always helped me learn and grow from those mistakes. I sit here on m iPhone thinking about CDV and can’t help but cry. Cordova means the world to me and the love I have for the kids and the community and district leadership will never cease.

What will you miss most about Cordova?:
THE KIDS!!! Did I mention the kids? For me, it’s always about the kids. I was only blessed with one year and I can tell you ALL the kids will be on my mind forever! I do what I do for kids! Every decision, every idea, it’s always about doing what’s best for kids! I love the Cordova kids! They were so good to me! I was their third principal in four years and they treated me like I had grown up with them. They made me feel like I was making a difference. They made my wife and kids feel welcome. They gave me hope that my mission was the right one. Do what’s best for kids and your school, your rapport with kids, and their love will make coming to work a joy. And its was, each day!! I will also miss my buddy Dennis. My pals Paoola and Andrea and MIckie Dunn. I will miss the relationships I built with Pete, Mikie McHone and Nicole. My new pal Penny and her passion! I will miss Monday meeting with Alex and Gayle and Keith. I will miss the best kitchen crew ever!!  Both Sandi’s and Misty and Neva. All the staff! We had our difficult times but these folks were good to me! I will miss Cordova.. My little creek, umpiring games — all of it! Cordova gave me a lifetime of memories. I will miss being a wolverine!

What do you enjoy dong
in your leisure time?
Just relaxing with my kick butt wife, Amy, and our kids. Anything with them is a blessing!

What are your pet peeves:
Oh my word!! Poor Andrea and Paoola! I’m a total germaphobe like crazy!


Favorite animal and why?:
Okay. This sounds a little carnivorous but it’s the great white shark. What a beautiful fish! It can strike quickly, lay low, migrate for weeks on end without a care in the world.

If you could go anywhere on earth, where would you go?:
My hometown of Imperial Beach. I spend the first 18 years of my life there. Look it up. It’s perfect. Little Southern California beach town and the food! Mexican food all day long!

If you could look into the future,
would you and why?
I would! I want to see that my wife and kids will be OK. I’ve done everything for them the last 13 years and I pray those choices have set them up for a quality life if something was to happen to me. Everything is for them! There happiness is what guides me.

What is something you
most enjoy doing?
Watching my kids do anything! I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true! I’m at peace when I see them smiling and laughing. I love watching them achieve and excel. They are so special and I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Favorite Holiday and why?:
Christmas! It’s a time where we are at home in Boise, usually. The lights, the feeling of family that warms my soul. Best way to celebrate Jesus Christ is with family.

My favorite memory as a kid:
Dude that’s a tough one. my parents and grandmother gave me the best possible life growing up. I would say little league all stars. My grandmother would play the kazoo while I pitched while my mom and dad would be cheering and yelling and ready to play backup kazoo. I miss those days! Young, innocent and not a care in the world. Just baseball!!

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